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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute! That first zombie comic has Kyra with hair! You teased that crap since day 1 Andrew!

Ah yes, that. Few things about that comic. It was made several months before the actual Kyra comic started back when I was testing out the idea. However it was never shown until after the comic revealed that she grows feathers. The original Kyra design going back to early 2000s did indeed have some sort of hair like substance. Early on I couldn’t get it to look right so I ended up cutting it, but left an opening for me to add it if I ever did figure it out. I did, and so I added clues throughout the comic leading up to the reveal. Best of all there’s still a story element to all of this that’s only been hinted at that … probably won’t come up for a long time, actually. So many more wonderful things to happen in this comic! There’s always crazy things that go on behind the scenes of someone making any sort of story. Most of them aren’t worth telling, but ones like this that don’t change anything are a lot of fun!

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