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Huh … I guess when I’m not struggling to keep up with a second webcomic at the same time I’m more eager to get back to the story. Next Kyra story starts next week then!

Is Phil done?

I don’t want it to be. But I can’t deny that I’ve had some issues with it for a very long time. I’ve been looking into options (when it updates, how I draw it, and so on) because I didn’t like where it’s been. It’s never really had many fans, but there ARE some so I don’t want to leave them hanging forever! Probably be spending a lot of time for the rest of the year thinking about it. Will let everyone know if I come up with anything of course.

I love PLT, but if you think it’s time to put it to rest, you should. Phil is leading a good life, and Doug is beginning to find himself. Maybe there are a couple unresolved threads about Mecha Doug or whatever, but I think you’re in a very good position to conclude PLT. THat way you can focus everything on the 95 Gallons sequ-I MEAN KYRA! YOU CAN FOCUS EVERYTHING ON KYRA! WHAT’S A FISH!?

Speaking of coffee I need some right now.

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