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Okay, real talk. Andrew? You are an amazing artist.

The buildup and composition of this page, particularly panel six, is nothing short of perfect, and sets the mood perfectly. The lighting and pallete, the panel spacing, the expressions. It’s all gold, and I love it! Your style is so versitile and effective both for over-the-top freak-outs, AND calm, serious moments like this. The contrast is just so wonderful and effective! It’s sooo good!

Keep up the good work!

That said though… I do have to question Kyra flipping the bird in panel two. I get what you were trying to go for, but I’d have had her point with her leftmost claw instead of the middle one. (Three fingered characters are hard,)

Oh, thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it so. I know I need to improve a lot and that I never spend enough time on working on those weak areas, so kind comments like this in my head are “thank you but …” However it’s been a terrible time at work right now so dang it, I really needed that heh. I will continue to keep up the good work.

As for the second part with the Kyra hand issue, I’ve actually given it a lot of thought. Ultimately decided that it’s not her fault that we have rude gestures for something she does naturally. Plus I doubt she’d care anyway XD

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