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“…especially from someone who might owe their existence to technology.”
“…from a dry roof over your head to life saving medicines. And how many of those have you needed in your life?”
Why do their comments affect her so deeply, and what might the rest of her new human friends have to say?

She’s said before: animals are simple. See something, react on instinct. Her instincts, as a child, is “have fun with it!” and possibly as a dinosaur, “wreck it”. Wrecking is fun and fun is good, therefore instincts are good and, by Occam’s razor, if you can get “good” out of simplicity, then the complicated solution must be wrong.

“Sorry, Kyra, that’s the wrong conclusion” goes against her very sense of being; her definition of self (in this case as logical). … am I thinking too hard about this?

And her other human friend is Ty; he probably has a lot more technology to wreck. Uh-oh

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