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Uh oh, it’s a dead baby joke.

Do Vikings believe in Hades? I though that was the Greeks

Yeah, actually, that’s the Greeks. Vikings believe in Hel:

Then again, these aren’t even proper Vikings, they’re Anti-Tech Vikings, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they get stuff mixed up.

Or the author is trying to be viewer friendly by avoiding using the word “hell.”

I don’t think the author’s trying to avoid dark topics. I mainly think they’re taking language discretion. You can have the entire action movie without having to get distracted by a single swear! I’m sure some kind of movie exists that features much gore but not a single instance of a swear. I think that’s what the author is trying to do. It’s like slapstick, there’s lots of crushing, crumbling, and cutting but no harm done, but in this case, lots of violence, no verbal context of misery or definite harm.

“There is bloke from around my hood, Stains, called Rainbow Jeremy who reject everything to do with science. He just chill at home. He smoke his own home-grown. And check this: he don’t have a tele! He ain’t got no techmology, and you can check out his website. He ain’t got nothing.”
—Ali G

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