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Wait, an actual site update?

Wait, an actual site update? published on 3 Comments on Wait, an actual site update?

Huh.  It looks like I haven’t had anything major to say about the website since it launched!  I should put a stop to that and have more friendly updates to let you know what’s going on.  Because I will have things going on instead of having this comic sit here all alone with only a few wonderful people reading.  We need MANY wonderful people reading it!

To be blunt, last year was not a good year for our little Kyra comic.  Updates were random and often once a week.  At the beginning of this year I told myself that if I’m going to take this comic seriously I need to get it back in control and back to every Monday and Thursday.  Reliability is very important.  Also having more comics to read is always a great thing.  And so far it’s been going pretty well again!  There’s a new comic, and there should be two every week as things go on.

But the bigger picture of why I needed to do this was to solidify Kyra’s future,  I love making this comic, but I have significantly more things going on this days.  I don’t have the time for a daily PLT comic and three Kyra comics a week like the old days,  And while PLT is currently being re-jiggered in my head, Kyra is going strong and I want to keep it going strong.  I don’t have adds on the site for many reasons, but the biggest one is that I don’t believe it’s a good way to support your work.  Today stuff like Patreon or even simple Paypal exists which are ways for fans to directly support their favorite works. Now that Kyra is back on track I’m feeling better about looking into those things which I hope I can get you interested in.  Who knows, I have other big comic ideas in my head that I’ve always wanted to make.  Perhaps there are ways

I’ll keep you all updated as I try to do some things in the upcoming months,  As always I appreciate every comment and your thoughts.  Nudging me to get the ball rolling on this comic to try bringing in new readers again would help too.  But just don’t tell Kyra herself.  Her idea of nudging would be to throw a large object at my head.  I need that for the thinking!